Philosophy that deals with reality

What branch of philosophy deals with the nature of reality

Philosophical school of thoughts at various levels dwell in logical cross-roads intertwined with subjective argument.I have no responsibility to protect such a being my responsibility is to my children over any wish of any individual or being.The calculation can be right and the accompanying explanation wrong.


Science and engineering are fact based and over time, theories and applications are constantly improved, modified and updated and that process is a strength, not a weakness.Unfortunately Platonic Essentialism won the day, and the notion of unchanging types (What Ernst calls Essentialism) prevented any further though for on these lines for millennia.Philosophical skepticism focuses attention on the conceptual weak points in theories and in arguments.Thankfully, modern day scientists only have to fear scorn from their peers and rarely are jailed like Galileo.In these calculations it is used at the speed it travels in a vacuum.Someone must have realized if the electrons are connected to the nucleus the connections will interfere with other connections.

Newton and Leibniz realized calculus was necessary, which is a tool for approximation.While physical theories are backed up my mathematics, the language of nature, the philosophical theories cannot be verified by means of numbers only (at least not that I am known of).

44 Essential Movies for the Student of Philosophy | Open

Is it just egotism, or do they want to relegate us to the cave to make their determinations simpler and reduce the human experience to a set of ethics they can control through rhetoric.An inability to address the root philosophical mistakes of creationists and luddites only gives the forces of unreason the upper hand.National corporate funding for NOVA is provided by Draper and 23andMe.

The quote from Hawking at the beginning is good only for a laugh at how ridiculously self-masturbatory and ironic it is.Higher mathematics started out with the conceptual tool, the NUMBER, as its search engine.I truly wish I could be around long enough to witness another 70 years of discovery.

Its evolution fits its environment that results in its success as a species.But an energy that is subject to the laws of physics just as we are.Plato, Seneca, and Aristotle in an illustration from a medieval manuscript.I know that several different philosophy currents touch the subject.It is the area of philosophy that deals with the study of the eternity, freedom and determinism, mind and body, thinghood.

For me math was the tool that I used to find practical solutions for engineering problems.That an idea remains a useful approximation under well defined conditions, and possesses utility value within those conditions by being conceptually and computationally simpler, is a separate issue from its status as the BEST working hypothesis.I think the problem comes when physics ignores fundamentals of reality in order to explain observational measurements.

However it is our ability to understand this that also gives us some hope.Ideas should give outlet which allows others to verify if the idea is true or not.The ancient church had a religious philosophy and the human species.

The Samkhya Philosophy and 24 Principles of Creation

There are no numbers except in the imaginary world of concepts, and they are the highest language of the metaphysical process, the realm of the philosopher.I actually try to respect peoples belief in a Super Natural being and I am not apposed to their believing.Three, my understanding is that philosophy is, at bottom, NOT about answers, but about teaching us to ask the right questions.

Yet has aspects that allow it to propagate in the material universe given the right set of circumstances.But even the great Richard Feynman did not always get the explanation right.Idealist ontology, philosophy of science, cognition, reality, psychological Now, collective conscious experience,.What Oppenheimer feels is irrelevant to the proposition that he and all of science are morally blameworthy.

So the highest language of the universe, mathematics, in all its guises, which is totally conceptual and reflects the viability of the entire field of metaphysical and conceptual expression is bullshit.I would know if they were driven by a desire they could not control, or if they were remorseful.So to say physics is all wrong is a nice opinion but is of no value.Other problems like our inability to integrate quantum mechanics with GR might be hinting towards some loop hole in our story of reality.If you believe imagination is useless or only for trained scientist that is fine as well.In any case you can say at the most basic level our contemplations do not serve a basic survival purpose as far as natural selection is concerned.

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