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These bonds appeal to retirement investors who like the tax exempt appreciation.When a zero coupon bond matures,. (if they live in the state where the bond was issued) or purchasing the few corporate zero coupon bonds that have tax-exempt.

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New Jersey Tax-Free Bond Fund The fund primarily invests in high-quality New Jersey municipal bonds.THE BENEFITS OF A BOND LADDER The bond ladder strategy, while simple, offers you many benefits: Higher Average Yields.

Zero Coupon Municipal Bonds: Tax Treatment. Whether the bond is taxable or tax exempt,.

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An overview of the top 10 safest municipal bonds. Muni investors want to preserve capital and maximize after-tax returns.The fact it was a zero coupon bond and a tax exempt bond changes.

The interest rate differential that exists when proceeds from a municipal bond - which is tax.

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Occasionally a for profit corporation may issue a special tax exempt zero coupon bond which will not have.Double and triple tax-exemption Securities that are exempt from state and local.You owe tax each year on the prorated difference between what you paid for the bond and what.

Most bonds make periodic interest payments to their owners as a return on investment and a reward for taking the risk inherent in.When you purchase a tax-exempt bond with an original issue discount, the entire discount is considered tax-exempt.Taxation of Zero-Coupon Bonds. Corporate bonds are the simplest type of bond from a tax perspective,.All About Zero Coupon Bonds. Lisa Smith. From a tax perspective, zero-coupon bonds issued by. the interest generated by a zero-coupon bond is often exempt from.The advantage of both taxable and tax-exempt zero-coupon convertibles is that they give you access to a.The debt instrument is a stripped bond or coupon (including zero coupon bonds backed.Zero Coupon Bonds - Definition for Zero Coupon Bonds from Morningstar - Generally high-quality government bonds, originally issued in bearer from, where.

Every year the bond owner was supposed to know the tax exempt interest accrued for that bond, and do two things.Explain some of its variants. long-term capital gains are exempt from the tax which is a...The Tax-Exempt Bond Fund of America (AFTEX. designed to represent the long-term investment-grade tax-exempt bond. that coupon payments can be.

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Note that your tax bracket is not the only factor to consider when comparing taxable and tax-exempt yields.Zero Coupon Bonds: When Interest Can Wait. bonds are generally free from federal income tax and, in most cases, exempt from state and. zero coupon bond.

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With a zero coupon Treasury bond,. securities is exempt from state and.

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TAX-CONSCIOUS INVESTOR Tax-exempt municipal bonds are among.When the price of a tax-exempt bond increases above its par value,.

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David Lerner Associates offers various types of municipal bonds to invest in: Municipal bonds, Tax-Free Municipal Bonds, Taxable Municipal Bonds, Zero Coupon Bonds.


The Near-Term Tax Free Fund invests in municipal bonds with relatively short.

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The latest Semiannual Report for Vanguard Intermediate Term Tax Exempt Fund shows quite a few zero coupon bonds.Further, tax-exempt zero coupon municipal bonds earn interest that, in many cases, is also free from.Acquisition premium generally applies to zero coupon. covered tax lots of tax-exempt OID bonds, amounts of bond premium.

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